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Engineering Services

Software and Systems Engineering Services

For over 30 years, OAR has been supporting the Department of Defense and Commercial industries with engineering services. OAR has a proven staff of software and systems engineers capable of performing in all aspects of software development, engineering, and consulting.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Real-time systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Software Architectures
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Fire Control Software
  • Weapon Systems
  • Open Source
  • Operating Systems
  • Interoperability & Integration
  • System Architectures
  • MBSE
  • Verification & Validation
  • Open Standards
  • System of Systems Engineering

Research and Development Services

OAR also has vast experience performing cutting edge research and development as it pertains to computer engineering and software. We have a long history of solving complex problems in many areas of computer science.

Data Science Services

OAR has the Data Science specialists to help you access, comprehend, and utilize your data sets.

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning

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